Hand-Painted Icons - Single Figure

Painted Background 23 kt. gold leaf
4x6 80.00 95.00
5x7 85.00 100.00
8x10 225.00 275.00
9x12 275.00 325.00
11x14 325.00 375.00

"Expressions of the Faith" Pendant

1 1/4" x 3/4" Hand-painted icon on wood with a cord made to your specifications.
All saints of the Christian East or West are available.
Each pendant comes in a gift box.

$30.00 each

$25.00 for orders of 6 or more including mixed subjects.

Current subjects available for immediate sale:

- Saint Therese the Little Flower
- Our Lady of Guadalupe
- Saint Francis of Assisi

Custom Relic Boxes

Take your existing relics and mount them into a special decorative box
with a hand-painted icon of the saint in the inside cover.
Each reliquary is made to your specifications
and is destined to become a spiritual treasure for years to come.
Please contact for prices.

All prices do not include shipping and handling.